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Handmade Worry Dolls

Handmade Worry Dolls

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These dolls have their origin in an ancient legend that tells that the goddess of corn, Ixmucané, transformed herself into these small figures to comfort children suffering from poverty and war. Since then, the little dolls have been an amulet of protection and hope for many generations.

Have you ever have feel overwhelmed by daily pressure and work? Simply tell your problems to the Worry Doll and put it under your pillow when you sleep at night. The doll will absorb the negative energy while you sleep, allowing you to be full of energy to face new challenges the next morning.

The dolls are dressed in the traditional costumes and colors of the native communities of the highlands of Chiapas and Guatemala. Their bright colors symbolize the elements of nature and the Mayan cosmovision.
They are made by Guatemalan artisans using ancestral techniques and local materials such as cloth, thread and corn.

The Guatemalan "Quita penas" or Worry Dolls are a cultural treasure that reflects the identity, history and wisdom of the Mayan people. They are a gift made with love and received with gratitude. They are friends that are with us and make us feel better.


Length: 3 1/2''
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