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Leather Passport Wallet

Leather Passport Wallet

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If you're on the road a lot internationally you need a good place to keep your passport or it will eventually get torn up. They are expensive and an inconvenience to get replaced. Why not keep it in a safe place that is also convenient for when you need to use it?

Our Leather Passport Wallet was made with all this in mind. It has two pockets for storing passports safely without worrying it can fall out. When you're waiting to use your passport there is a folder on the left side to store the passport and your boarding pass for quick access. On the right, there are six slots for cards. The look and feel of the smooth patina the leather develops is something only full-grain leather can give.


Length: 4''
Width: 0.25''
Height: 5.5''

Material: Full Grain Leather.
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