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Leather Jewelry Travel Roll

Leather Jewelry Travel Roll

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The Leather Jewelry Travel Roll is for those who like to stay organized, save space, and need a safe place to keep their valuables while on the road.

With three distinct ways to store your jewelry, you'll be able to comfortably insert any of your pieces while the roll up feature ensures there will be no wasted space. With the leather roll open you will see on both sides under the flap a leather strap attached by two buttons. Unsnap one of the buttons to insert any enclosed circled items such as bracelets or rings. Lay the soft blue leather flap over your jewelry to protect it from damage when you roll the case back up.

Next to the ring holder is an even larger leather strap with 16 holes to accommodate up to eight pairs of earnings. The zipper pocket keeps any loose items in one place. With all, its options you can see why it's considered one of the best jewelry case organizers for its size.

Once you've finished adding all your jewelry just roll it up, secure it with the buckle, and find a small space in your luggage. On top of how useful it is enjoy the look and feel of smooth, soft azure blue leather with brown accents. Best of all it's handmade by excellent leather artisans and will be the last small travel jewelry case you'll ever need.


Width: 1.0''
Height: 3.2''
Length: 7.75''
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