Leather Money Belt

Vacationers and travelers need to keep different kinds of payments on them at all times, including cash. Unfortunately, the action is not always the simplest of tasks. For one, some articles of clothing have no pockets to keep money neatly tucked away. People can carry around bags, backpacks, or purses to store bills, cards, and coins, but the handbags can become heavier and heavier throughout the day. Additionally, keeping up with the accessories is a problem in itself as setting the items down for a brief moment may lead to them getting stolen. 

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for people to think outside of the box and find ways to keep their money protected. Although folks try unconventional methods like storing bills in their socks or boots, this technique can cause a host of issues. For one, the dollars are hard to get in and out, which turns paying for goods or services into demanding jobs. Plus, the paper can become wet, sticky, and unpleasant smelling due to sweat. Continue reading to learn more about our leather money belt.

A Leather Money Belt Is An Ideal Solution

Leather Money BeltLuckily, there is an answer for men and women alike to keep up to 1000 dollars safe and sound while traveling. The leather money belt from Atitlan Leather is hand-crafted in Guatemala. It features hidden compartments that are ideal for storing cash, which ensures that the bills remain inconspicuous and out of sight. Instead of giving thieves the chance to steal funds, consider adding the belt to your wardrobe today.

Keeping money hidden is a plus of the leather money belt, but it is important not to forget about another vital benefit. The accessory also holds pants up around the hips without allowing them to slide down and show off undergarments or one's backside. This perk may not seem like a big deal when a person is looking for something to hide cash. However, after continually having to tug and pull at the jeans, you will appreciate the belt even more. 

Leather Money Belt Available In Different Colors

People have various styles, and they expect to have options while shopping for clothing or accessories. The leather money belt from Atitlan Leather is available in different colors and leather types to fulfill these wants and desires. Plus, the buckle can be changed out to meet your specific style demands. No longer do travelers have to wear bulky fanny packs or lug around big purses. Instead, they can purchase one of these visually appealing belts to complete their look and keep cash safe at the same time. 

Choose from...

  • Black, Brown, Or Caramel Brown
  • Leather Stash 
  • Brown And Black Suede

While not leather, the travel money belt is another great option for hiding money. It is made of oxford cloth, mesh bag, and comes in the neutral color of black. The accessory measures approximately 43.5-inches, and it has adjustable straps to ensure a secure, snug fit. This belt is a smart choice for people that regularly visit the airport as it is security friendly.

Protect Your Assets

When criminals take purses, backpacks, and wallets, they steal cash that families and individuals need to pay for hotels, food, and other necessities. The victims often have to call home to get a friend or family member to send them funds via a wire transfer. These unexpected mishaps are embarrassing, and they can lead to the sender running into money issues of their own. So, protect your assets with a leather money belt and avoid giving these types of problems a chance to arise. 

Vacations are supposed to be exciting, entertaining, and a way to learn about different cultures. People often go to tropical destinations for fun in the sun, mountains for skiing and snowboarding, or other countries to take in the sights. Regrettably, when criminals strike, rest, relaxation, and play get eliminated from the equation. Don't give these incidents an opportunity to happen with a leather money belt. It provides people with the peace of mind in knowing that their assets are safeguarded. Then, they are free to laugh, frolic, and have an excellent time without worrying. 

A Suitable Gift Idea

Finding the perfect present for anyone is a challenging task, but it can be even more difficult when the recipient is a frequent traveler. These people are continually on the go, and they have access to jewelry, crafts, and other things from various cultures. What do you give someone that can pick up something from every corner of the world? Consider giving them a practical gift for their birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion this year with a leather money belt. The beautiful, high-quality accessory will allow the wearer to keep cash securely around their waist to purchase goods when they are away from home.

Travelers are not the only people that can benefit from owning a leather money belt. For instance, honeymooners, concert goers, comic con attendees, and many other folks can become pickpocket victims. In many cases, they don't even realize their wallet or money are missing until attempting to pay for a souvenir, drink, or another piece of memorabilia. So, if you have a friend, family member, or neighbor that regularly attends public functions, think about giving them one of these belts to ensure that the bills remain by their side. With any luck, the present will keep unpleasant incidents at bay and prevent you from having to loan them money.