Useful Handmade Leather Goods For Men And Women

Useful Handmade Leather Goods For Men And Women

Cash is often king, regardless of where a person chooses to go while traveling or vacationing. Therefore, they must keep physical paper bills on them at all times to pay for goods and services. Unfortunately, this necessary task usually requires men and women alike to carry around bags, wallets, or backpacks that are easy targets for criminals. When thieves steal all of a person's money, the trip will likely be ruined, as they have no funds to pay for hotels, food, or even gifts.

Keep Bills Safe And Sound With A Leather Money Belt

Our handmade leather goods are handcrafted in Guatemala. The belt is available in different colors and leather styles. Consumers can quickly find the right shade and design to match their existing or new wardrobes. These belts feature hidden compartments that allow the wearer to hide up to 1000 dollars. Plus, the visually appealing accessories are the perfect choice for enhancing the look of any ensemble.

Leather Boots And Shoes To Protect Your Feet

Atitlan Leather has a large selection of boots and shoes available for men and women. The handmade leather goods are customizable so that customers can get the exact footwear that they desire. For instance, patrons can choose to remove zippers, add straps, or alter buckles to achieve a specific look. So, give your feet the style, comfort, and robust protection that they deserve with our high-quality gear.

A Top-Notch Camera Strap

Just like the rest of our handmade leather goods, the DSLR camera strap is constructed by a small group of artisans on Lake Atitlan. It features a minimum 15-inch and maximum 20-inch hang length with the fullest part of the band measuring 1.5-inches. People enjoy taking their cameras with them almost everywhere, but unfortunately, the equipment can fall into the water, drop to the ground, or become damaged in another way. Ensure that your device stays securely in place around your neck or arm, where it belongs, with one of these useful accessories.

Handbags And Backpacks To Keep Belongings Contained

Of course, cash is not the only thing that people need to carry with them while traveling, vacationing, or visiting a local store. Depending on who you ask, there are many necessary items like makeup, brushes, books, and more that folks need to have by their side. Our organization has handbags, waist pouches, backpacks and other handmade leather goods available. Feel free to look around the site to find the ideal storage solution for your particular needs.

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