Handmade Tall Women's Boots

Tall Leather Boots the Bella Pummarola Way

Leather Boots worn by Bella PummarolaCheck out Bella Pummarola's fashion blog.

Trendy and international, Annett of Bella Pummarola knows her way around fashion. She has an amazing sense of style and isn’t a fan of mass-produced, unoriginal designs. It’s no surprise then that she fell in love with the original, handcrafted tall leather boots from our Guatemala artisans.

Annett believes that fashion “accompanies us every minute of every day, and all the little decisions we make regarding it reflect our unique personalities.” Her personal style runs towards classically fashionable and comfortable. Which was one of the things she loved about the tall boots. “At first they looked like they would need some breaking in, as the leather was new and tough, but after just one (!) day of wearing they fit like a glove and I walked for three hours in them today comfortably.” That’s high praise for any shoe!

Annett’s wordly sense of fashion comes naturally. She was born in Hungary to Russian and Hungarian parents. She studied in Hungary and the United States and currently lives in Italy. As a mom, she prizes clothes that are comfortable without hiding her femininity. We love the look she put together with our tall boots, a hat, skinny jeans and a sweater. Check it out on her fashion blog.

Like all our products, the tall boots are handcrafted by artisans in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Prior to joining with us, these craftsmen and women relied on seasonal trading to make sell their goods and make money for the year. Now, we help them market and ship their high-quality leather goods around the world, ensuring a steady income and better living conditions.

Because each item is handmade, you can get boots custom fit to your feet and your calf. No more struggling with half sizes and wishing there was such a thing as a quarter size. You’ll get a great pair of custom boots that fit like a glove (pun intended.) 

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