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Small Messenger Bag | 3 Reasons you must have this Leather Travel Bag

Leather Travel Bags are a dime a dozen and come in a variety of different styles.  That's because everyone varies greatly in what they’re looking for.  I want to answer three simple questions that will hopefully help explain why Atitlan Leather's unique messenger bag deserves your attention and potentially be with you on your next trip.       

Reason #1 - Why a Small Messenger Bag?

Exploring a city or the daily grind can be tiring; don't weigh yourself down when you don't have to.  A Small Messenger Bag is an excellent companion on the road that's not too big and heavy. The 10''x 9'' x 3'' dimensions feel more manageable and easier to deal with than larger bags.  The trade off: losing a bit of storage capacity.  Unless you absolutely must carry a laptop, this bag is not prohibitive.  If you think through what you really need on hand, you'll find the space and be thankful for it in the end.  If you're a tablet user, this is an ideal way to carry your electronics. Leather Travel Bag

The double buckle closure design keeps the classic messenger bag look, feel, and security.  There are few small bags on the market with this feature.  The look is great and most importantly it keeps you safe from potential pick pockets whom want to get in your bag.  Most designs have a flap hanging down attached by some button, or maybe just a zipper.  These designs allow for thieves to quickly and easily get into your bag and steal your belongings.  The buckles on the other hand take more time and if you want to remove them quickly you need to be positioned in a way that only happens when you're wearing the bag. 

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Reason #2 - What makes ours a Unique Messenger Bag?  

Having all the pockets in the right places while keeping the classic look.  You might have already guessed, but do you know what that little pocket in the front is for?  Your passport or a wallet the size of a typical men's leather wallet. It's placed just low enough so that you don't have to open the whole bag if you want to access the pocket.  It's a handy, yet secure place to keep your passport or wallet.  Why is this pocket useful?  I always hated searching for my passport while in line.  It's an annoying hassle that can be very inconvenient with a lot of luggage.  It needs to be in one place that is convenient but not too convenient to run the risk of getting lost.  Why the wallet?  I don't know about you but as a man I hate sitting on my wallet.  It's bad for your back.  So, I wanted an accessible place to put mine.

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Getting use to opening the bag can be tedious until your fingers get use to managing the buckle closure.  That's why we placed a zipper pocket on the back of the bag so you can quickly have items on hand.  Inside the main compartment there is a divider to separate items such as your tablet from the rest of your items.  There is also a front zipper pocket to further compartmentalize your belongings. Finally, we placed a handle on top of the bag for quick and easy carrying.  

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Reason #3 - Great product made by great people

 We're not some mass-producing leather company focused only on numbers.  We value our customers and the leather workers that create our amazing product.  Every one of these bags are made in a small village in the highlands of Guatemala supporting work in small, isolated communities.     

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