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Lace Up Short Boots with Nalinna Li


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Nature lover and blogger Nalinna Li knows a good pair of boots when they hit her feet. She’s always on the go. Whether it’s walking the city streets, running her bake store or escaping to a wooded area, Nalinna relies on a good pair of boots to help her get through the day in comfort and style.

 A big fan of DIY projects and crafts, Nalinna started blogging at 17. She branched into fashion and food and eventually found a style all her own. She believes everything is connected and everything is art. Whether she’s viewing thing through a camera lens or her own eyes, she beautifully captures the art that surrounds her.

 In general, Nalinna enjoys boots. She grew up in Thailand, which is cold, much like the U.K. Boots are comfortable and she feels they give her “magical energy to travel around the world.” Our short lace-up boots were definitely made for such journeys.  She particularly enjoys them with long, bohemian style dresses.

Her photo blog perfectly captures that. You can see the appreciation she has for vintage styles and how she incorporates boots with them. Nalinna believes everyone has something to share and express. When asked what advice she’d give to other young women looking to start a photo blog, she said, “First you need to get to know yourself and understand yourself. What do you enjoy? What do you like to do? What makes you feel happy? Then you could narrow down to focus on your personal style and slowly try things you are interested in. It takes time, everything come through experiences.”

We love her understanding that good things take time, that success takes time. All of Atitlan’s products are handcrafted by Mayans using the same techniques their ancestors did. That level of quality takes time. But when they’re done, there’s nothing that compares. And that’s exactly why people love our brogue boots.


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