International Travel 101: Seven Essentials You Must Carry With You

International Travel 101: Seven Essentials You Must Carry With You

International travel is always a fun experience. But when it comes to packing the perfect luggage for a trip abroad, then the scenario changes completely. We believe that packing a carry-on bag for international travel is a skill that takes practice and patience.

Whether you are packing a backpack, a weekend duffel, or a tote bag, either way, the size of your luggage does not matter as it is the contents of the bag that genuinely make a difference in your travel experience. 

Here is a list of items you need for an organized and easy-breezy experience through security, flight, hotel, and the tour itself!

We know that the earphones, travel pillow, and face towels always find their way to your bag, but the things that you need to keep things organized are the ones that are hard to find.

The key here is to ensure a seamless airport experience that gives you easy access to your documents like the tickets and passport.

Travel Backpack

When you are traveling, local or abroad, your experience is based on the bag you carry. Getting yourself a spacious travel backpack is an absolute necessity.

Look for a bag that is durable, spacious, and fancy enough to keep up with your style.

Make sure that your backpack is secure enough to save you from muggers in an unknown land!

Duffle Bag

Everyone needs a comfortable bag to carry their luggage. A bag large enough to carry the clothes, tech, and snacks you might need on your trip to the Bahamas is hard to find.

If you plan for a short weekend trip to an exotic location, then a fancy leather duffel is all you need.

Passport Wallet

International travel is incomplete without a passport wallet. A passport wallet is the best way to carry your passport, cash, and cards ready for quick access to the airports and after the flight too.

Look for a resistant passport wallet that bears the brunt of your long travel diaries.

Camera Strap

Can you go on holiday without clicking Instagram-worthy pictures? A heavy-duty camera strap is a travel essential for all the photography-enthusiasts.

Find a sturdy strap that keeps your camera in place must be found before you board the plane to Arizona!

Jewelry Roll

Traveling with jewelry is a messy experience; most women can relate to. With necklaces getting tangled and earrings breaking apart, bracelets twisting over, and rings getting lost in the abyss, you need a proper case to carry all your beloved pieces.

A leather travel roll for your jewelry can prove to be a helpful accessory to carry your jewelry safely.

Dopp Kit

Carrying toiletries and travel knick-knacks is a must for every trip beyond the borders.

You need a Dopp kit that is swaggy enough to keep your style swag on point! 

Pocket Journal

Travel journals add a fun twist to every travel experience. You can keep reflecting on your journey or even continue to make changes to your itinerary. A pocket journal is a must-have in every way! 

If you have been planning to get a hold of any of these travel essentials, then hassle not! For you have landed on Atitlan Leather, the home of all fancy leather goods that are fit for international travel! Stock up on your favorites before the year ends!

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