Hands-Free And Loving Life: Leather Goes Crossbody

Hands-Free And Loving Life: Leather Goes Crossbody

We love to get feedback from our customers. Sometimes, the feedback can be so amazing that it inspires us to get creative. When we received a special request from a customer to create a crossbody bag modeled after our small leather coin purse, we were happy to oblige. When the custom order came out beautifully, we were so excited that we decided to share the product with everyone. 

Here is a short video showing the type of custom work we can create for you:

Now There’s More To Love

People have been in love with our unique leather change purse for years. Handcrafted from beautiful full grain leather, our change purse has many pockets that allow you to organize everything from money to phone chargers. People love it because it’s the perfect accessory for all your travels. Handmade leather goods have a beauty and resilience that’s difficult to find in other materials. 

The new crossbody bag has taken everything you know and love about our leather coin purse and given it more. The crossbody bag has become one of our most popular, versatile, and unique products to date. With spacious interior pockets, you’ll never leave home without everything you need again. 

The Many Benefits Of A Crossbody Bag 

The crossbody bag has been a popular item for years. Not only is it fashionable, it’s functional. A crossbody design gives you freedom that a traditional purse cannot. Wearing it over your body allows you to be completely hands-free.  This makes shopping much easier. A crossbody design eliminates the annoyance of having your purse slip off your shoulder, and it provides a better sense of security. 


With all the items you haul around in your purses, the weight can become a struggle. Traditional purses can become heavy and put a strain on your back, arms, and shoulders. A crossbody bag is more comfortable because it distributes the weight evenly across your body.  

The Beauty Of Handmade Leather Goods

We take pride in our handcrafted leather goods. You can see examples of this in everything from our Victorian boots to our leather money belt. We focus on creating products that accommodate any lifestyle. Our crossbody bag is no different. The rich brown leather is smooth, supple, and crafted to last.

We want you to love our handmade leather goods as much as we do, so we’re offering you a special deal. Purchase our crossbody bag and we’ll give you a small carryall for half off! Enter discount code crossbodycoinpurse2018 at checkout. Offer valid up to January 31st, 2019. 


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