Discovering The Powerful Mind-Body Connection With Yogini Taveras

Discovering The Powerful Mind-Body Connection With Yogini Taveras

Life should be about balance. It’s easy to find balance when it comes to fashion. For example, pair our Victorian boots with a long skirt. This balances sturdy handmade leather with the soft touch of femininity. 

When it comes to finding balance in the soul, no one does it better than our friends at Yogini Taveras. We’ve collaborated with Yogini Taveras this month on our Victorian boots. We’d like to tell the world a little bit about who they are, and what they do. 

For The Love Of All Things Yoga 

Amanda Taveras fell in love with yoga when she was in college. After her very first class, she was determined to learn as much as she could about the practice. She has studied and crafted her art through personal lessons with a Shaman in the Amazon, teaching certifications in Minneapolis, and further training with one of the most influential yoga teachers in the world, Patrick Beach. 

With all this amazing experience under her belt, Amanda started her company in 2014. Yogini Taveras LLC employs a well-trained staff of teachers who lead yoga sessions all over the Detroit and Minneapolis areas. Amanda recently completed 300 hours of extra training in LA., and continues to learn and grow in all things yoga. 

Discovering The Powerful Mind-Body Connection With Yogini Taveras

Follow Them For The Sake Of Your Health

The goal of Yogini Taveras is to help people find balance through yoga and meditation. They teach people how to connect their mind and body in the most convenient way possible. What makes them unique is that they bring this connection to you. Schedule a personalized class at your home, residential apartment, or workplace. This makes yoga attainable for any busy schedule. Book a class now to learn how to make connections that last a lifetime. We know we did. 

To learn more about Yogini Taveras and the artful practice of yoga and meditation, visit their website, 

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram where you can see Amanda show off her impressive flexibility. Look closely and you’ll see her strike a beautiful pose wearing our Victorian boots crafted from handmade leather. 

Our handmade leather goods will bring you back to basics, just like the simplicity of the mind-body connection of yoga. Kick off your Victorian boots and strike a warrior pose for inspiration. 

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