Best Handmade Leather Money Belt

Best Handmade Leather Money Belt

In this blog post I want to explain what a money belt is for and what qualities make Atitlan Leather's the best handmade leather money belt on the market for the price.    

Why a Travel Money Belt? 

My first trip to Guatemala in 2004 was one of the most memorable and special trips of my life. I made a weekend trip to Livingston with a friend I met in Antigua, a small town you get to by boat. We had finished lunch and realized we were both running low on cash so we went looking for an ATM Machine. At the time there was only one or two in town. Neither of them accepted our debit cards and the boat service only accepted cash. We were stuck.

Minutes before the last boat left another traveler overheard our desperation. The kind women offered us $20, enough for two boat tickets. She gave us her email and said we could pay her back but it's not something she's expecting. We took the money and thanked her and paid her back the following day. It's in these types of situations when a Travel Money Belt is important. Without it we spent hours stressed out calling our banks trying to get our cards working. We could have been enjoying out trip instead.

Money Storage | How much money can I carry? How Should I fold the Bills?

The belt is 1.5 inches wide, the width of a standard pair of jean's belt loops. The currency will have to be folded several times to fit. In the video below bills are folded three times. The sturdy YKK zippers is 19 inches long that can fit six bills side by side. Stack each with 2-4 bills for the greatest carry amount of $2400 carring $100 bills.


Interchangeable Buckle Feature | Extra Belt Loop

One great feature about our money belt is the interchangeable buckle. Unsnap the two snaps and slip out the 1.5-inch-wide buckle and replace it with one of your to your liking. We give you two options for the belt loop; a metal one and a leather one. The metal belt loop might not go as well with your other buckles so we added a leather loop as well.  Below are some great buckle options that work perfectly with our belts. 



Different Color Options | Suede VS. Full Grain Leather

We offer our belts in a variety of types of leather both in full grain leather and suede. Suede is a great option as it starts to take on a personality of its own as it wears. It stains and marks up easier than the full grain. Depending on your preference that could be a good feature. I know I like it. Customs seem to like the most the Brown Leather Money Belt and the Black Suede Leather Money Belt.


We received customer feedback that our buckles were not up to par with the belt. Some of the pin on the buckles broke; while others complained that the hollow back of the buckle made it feel cheap. This didn't happen often and our response was to issue a full refund or send another buckle free of cost. One day we got a one star review because our customers buckle broke while he was at the airport. He went to the bathroom, the pin broke, and found himself with a bunch of luggage without a way to keep his pants up. For us that was the last straw. I would have been very disappointed with my product if that were to happen to me. An otherwise amazing belt can’t be brought down by its buckle; even if you have the option to change it.

Since June of 2018 I’m happy to announce we have new awesome buckles! Same look but with a new pin design and filled in backside.

Ordering the Right Size Belt

Our experience with sizing is that everything varies. One pair of pants might not fit you as well around the waist as another, but they’re the same size?! So we tried to make it as simple as possible.

Measuring your waist and deciding your size

The correct belt size is the measurement of your waist in inches (where you wear your belt with pants on). EX: If your waist measures 36 inches, you should order a size 36 belt.

Size relating to belt measurement

The end of the buckle pin to the middle hole of the belt measures the size of the belt in inches. EX: A size 36 measures 36 inches from the end of the buckle pin to the middle hole of the belt.

Size relating to Pant Size

This tends to be about two sizes larger than your pant size. So if your pant is a size 34 then a size 38 is most likely the correct fit; but why guess when you can measure!?

Excellent Service | Exchange and Return Policy

We’re not in this business for a quick dollar. We need to make sure we provide products and service customers are happy with. One way we do this is by offering free exchanges. If you happen to order the wrong size we will send you your replacement free of charge. If you're not happy with the item we will issue you a refund; no problem. If you have any questions or concerns we'll get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your email. Don't believe me? Contact Us!

Check out our handmade leather money belt selection here!


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